Pete Seeger the Storm King Production

Pete Seeger Storm King Audiobook Volume 2

“The mix of musical styles, singing, storytelling, and reminiscences makes for a totally unique audio experience for audiences familiar with the earlier title and new listeners alike.”—Booklist, Starred Review

On the heels of the Grammy nominated audio book Pete Seeger: The Storm King comes Pete Seeger Storm King Volume 2—gems from the life of one of the most influential figures in American music! Listen to intimate, never-before-heard recordings of the beloved civil rights icon and environmentalist’s stories wrapped in music from around the world.

Pete Seeger: Storm King audio collection presents Pete Seeger’s spoken words as he captivatingly recounts his most engaging stories, narratives, and poems. Set to new music produced and created by world renowned percussionist/producer Jeff Haynes and over 40 musicians reflecting traditions as diverse as Bluegrass, New Age, Blues, Funk, Klezmer, Folk, African, Indian, and Gospel, bringing Pete’s wisdom and stories out to new audiences and into a new technological age.

Featured musicians: Pete Seeger, Jeff Haynes, Alan Levi, Perry Robinson, John Patitucci, Sachi Patitucci, Jane Kelly Williams, Timothy Hill, Joseph Bartolozzi, Julie Kehr, Joel Henry, Kris Kehr, Randy Harris, Gregoire Maret, Lucy Woodward, Dave Eggar, John Smith, Ivan Bodley, Doug Weiss, Joseph Borrello, C. Lanzbom, Gha’il Rhodes Benjamin, Masako, Jill Haley, Marvin Sewell, Jacob Bernz, D-Tour, Casey Erdmann, Clarence Ferrari, David Richards, Tamir Barzilay, David Rothenberg, Fode, Fred Doumbe, Charlie Shew, Paul Cebar, Gregoire Maret, Doug Weiss, Joseph Borrello, The Dady Brothers, John Dady, Joe Dady, Stephen Katz, Bianca Merkley, Rob Scheps, Matt Turk, Yaeir Heber, Sara Milonovich, Greg Anderson, André Brunet, Natalie Haas, Abbie Gardner, Scott Petito, Mark Aarstad, Dhruv Sangari, Jennifer DeFrayne, Eugene Friesen, Rebecca Daniel, Jill Haley, Dean Bowman, Charlie Burnham, Ariel Nicholson, Maya Days, Corin Nelson, Stance Mason, Reggie Bennett, Valerie Haynes, Kevin Hays.

Pete Seeger The Storm King Audiobook Volume 1

"It brings out things in my words that I never knew before." —Pete Seeger

"Pete Seeger and percussionist/producer Haynes present one of the most original and inspired [productions] of the last decade . . ." —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Pete Seeger: Storm King – Touring Show

The Grammy nominated audiobook brought to life—set against a diverse backdrop of world music and video.

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Jeff Haynes presents a live performance of Pete Seeger: Storm King with Richie Stearns, Sara Milonovich, Sean Harkness, and Timothy Hill, a multi-media presentation of Pete Seeger’s spoken words—in his own recorded voice—set to live music and video. This performance is based on the Grammy® nominated audio project conceived and produced by world-renowned, Grammy award winning percussionist and producer, Jeff Haynes.

In this unique blend of spoken word, music, and video, Pete Seeger’s spoken words are piped in as Jeff Haynes and accompanying musicians perform a combination of new music and music written by or popularized by Pete Seeger—featuring traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, and East Indian Music—and performances of some of Pete’s songs that were inspired from his travels around the world.

Multi-genre music and video accompany and interact with Pete Seeger’s voice—painting an evocative aural and visual backdrop for Seeger’s most engaging stories, narratives, and poems reflecting his lifelong dedication to human rights, environmental issues, and his boundless hope for humanity.

The experience is moving, intimate, and truly an extraordinary celebration of one of our nation’s greatest performers and activists.

"Pete Seeger: Storm King was one of those very rare evenings in the theatre when the audience and musicians truly share and celebrate a remarkable artist’s life. Remembering and learning anew about Pete Seeger’s music and his abiding belief in each individual’s potential was more than refreshing – it was an antidote to everything in the daily news. One gentleman in our audience told me, "I only cried six or seven times during the show.""—Michele Roberge, Executive Director, Carpenter Performing Arts Center

"When these passionate and talented artists perform together, they create a chemistry that is as wonderful to see as it is to hear . . ."—The Palladium-Times

"The onstage performance . . . is hauntingly moving and strikes a deep chord."—Kathryn Ross, Wellsville Daily Reporter