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Pete Seeger: The Storm King - an audio collection presenting Seeger's spoken words as he captivatingly recounts his most engaging stories, narratives, and poem - set to new music, produced by world-renowned percussionist/producer Jeff Haynes, from over 50 musicians from traditions as diverse as African Music, Blues, Bluegrass, Classical Guitar, Folk, Jazz, Native American Music, and World Beat. Available at RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, New York and at all the popular booksellers.

Imagine: A Selection from Pete Seeger: The Storm King

by Jeff Haynes, featuring: Pete Seeger, Will Ackerman, Heidi Breyer, Rob Scheps, Ghail Rhodes Benjamin

Will Ackerman and Heidi Breyer's composition sets the stage as Pete Seeger recites Jeff Haynes' poem about the Underground Railroad.  Single Download 

Talking Drum: A Selection from Pete Seeger: The Storm King

Featuring: Pete Seeger, Jeff Haynes, Samite Mulondo, Tony Cedras 

African music sets the stage as Pete describes his travels around the world and the complex communication that takes place in a small African village using the talking drum. Single Download

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: A Selection from Pete Seeger: The Storm King

Featuring:  Pete Seeger, Jeff Haynes, Bianca Merkley, Sean Harkness, Sabina Torosjan 

This fresh rendition of Pete's classic song is bookended with just percussion and vocals transitioning to Pete's spoken word, classical guitar, and violin - as Pete tells the story, beginning with the Cossack soldiers and ending with the German actress, Marlene Dietrich, of how he came to write his lyrics and how the song was embraced around the world.  Single Download

Big Muddy: A Selection from Pete Seeger: The Storm King

Featuring: Pete Seeger, Jeff Haynes, Paul Cebar, Charlie Burnham, Dean Bowman

Back porch swamp blues music stomps you into the Mekong River as Pete tells the controversial story of how the airing of this song, protesting the war in Vietnam, contributed to the Smother's Brothers' show being cancelled. Single Download

Luminato Festival brought together a stellar lineup of musicians and vocalists to pay tribute to one of Canada’s most influential artists. Joni Mitchell Portrait in Song, June 2013 Toronto,CA

Jeff with Lizz Wright on Nature Boy

Pat Metheney Group, Follow Me — Imaginary Day Tour 

Pat Metheney Group,  Imaginary Day Tour